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Example of addressing and writing a postcard. The other side should be decorated. Please remember to include your address so I can write back!

Welcome to art class!

Hello to Students and Families!

Welcome to your art projects for the week of March 30th to April 3rd! This weeks focus in on Earth Art or Land Art as it's also known. Check out the intro below and then head to your students grade level page for some art project inspiration.

A couple of notes:

  • adults feel free to create with your kiddos! Art is good for stress relief and we all need that about now!

  • I've set up another link below for student art, please check out the work of students during this time and feel free to email me with your student's work to put on the website or just to show me.

  • Lastly, and most exciting! I am starting a postcard project. If your student sends me a postcard with a drawing they did on one side and a little note on the other side. I will send then a drawing and note back! I am giving my home address so please use it with respect.

Ms. Doherty

8327 Cold River Rd.

Shrewsbury, VT 05738

There will be some pre addressed postcards at your school pick up zones with postage already on them you can ask for them when you pick up student work or meals. You can also make your own at home postcards are usually 4 x 6 inches and postcard stamps are less money.

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to your new art class webpage! I'm sure everyone is overwhelmed with this school closure situation. I am hoping to make art easy and fun. Before I go in to how this website works I would like to take a second to remind students and adults that art is about process not product. Encourage your students to enjoy the process of making the art not what it looks like at the end or rushing to finish.

My students usually have art once a week so I am expecting them to create at least once a week for 45 minutes or feel free to do more or spread it throughout the week! This is an opportunity to follow passions and learning that interests you, and for adults to reconnect with their creative side.

Select your school below and then select your grade level. There will be projects posted in each grade level weekly that you can do at home. I will be posting more than you need just in case supplies are a problem area. Please do not feel like you have to go out and buy a bunch of art supplies, use what you have at home. I will also try to post videos and pictures of me creating throughout this time, to view click the link under my picture.

Lastly, I would love to see what adults and students create in this time at home. Feel free to email me, with stories and/or pictures of your student's work. I will create a space in each grade level page for this information so that students can see what others are doing!

Thank you for your patience, and please use these resources.

Ms. Doherty

Preschool to 4th grade art

Preschool to 6th grade art