Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade!

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We have changed up our schedule a bit as we are beginning an hour of coding each week with Mr. Gregoritsch. Take a look below to see what we are doing each day. Also, make sure to check out the link under the Science tab for our Sound PBL website. The students are doing some amazing things.

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Flexible Learning Environment

Our classroom is a flexible learning environment which helps to foster student independence and student ownership of learning. The traditional desk and chair setup is no longer seen in our classroom. Instead, you will see tables of different shapes, sizes, and heights, traditional desks, standing desks, benches, yoga balls, wobble stools, traditional chairs, tall stools, and much more.

Flexible seating is a concept rooted in educational research that encourages students to choose their type of seating based on their learning preferences. For example, some students prefer to stand while learning and may choose to work at one of the standing desks. Some students prefer a traditional classroom setup and may choose to sit at a desk with chair. Others prefer to set on the floor and might choose to sit in a gaming chair or on a pillow with a clipboard or lapdesk. Other students find that they work best when they can move and may choose to sit on a yoga ball, wobble stool, or Ergo chair, all of which all students small movement while sitting to work.

While students do have a "home base" that allows them a chosen assigned seat to start off their day, students are not locked-in to a seating assignment and have the ability to make a different seating choice as we transition to different activities throughout the day, as their academic needs dictate. For example, some students may want to use a traditional type of seat during math, but then use a gaming chair while reading a favorite novel. The choice and freedom is theirs as long as they're exercising a responsible choice that helps them be academically successful. We have been devoting time during the first few weeks to establish an understanding of how to make appropriate choices and how to self-monitor our behavior and focus in this environment. Students are encouraged to try all the different seats before deciding which seats work best for them.

Want to learn more? Check out the links below to see what the research says!

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Welcome to a new school year. I am very excited to be teaching 3rd grade this year. As always, I have a class of some of the most amazing students! We will be spending our year learning, teaching, exploring, designing, creating, debating, and so much more.