Learn and Grow with Technology

Being open to learning new methods and tools helps us grow as educators. Through the #GCForward Micro-credential process, we can develop new skills to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials are verifying competencies or certifications in specific topic areas.

How do I earn Micro-Credentials?

1. Choose a Micro-Credential from the Micro-Credential page.

2. Explore the resources, learn how to incorporate the tool into your teaching.

3. Reach out to a DLC if you want support or more information.

4. Incorporate the new tool into your classroom.

5. Take a photo and/or short video of the tool in use.

6. Fill out the reflection form.

BONUS: Tweet out your picture on the #GCForward hashtag

Now What?

Your reflection will be reviewed, and if accepted, you will receive your badge for your Micro-Credential!

You will also have a digital Slide deck made just for you to showcase all the wonderful things you are doing in your classroom!

Of course, keep working to earn more badges and add new tools to your teacher tool belt.