Learning Innovations Support

The Learning Innovations Coordinator is able to offer support as your needs arise in the areas of:

Curriculum - together plan and implement a unit of study or even create a lesson where you want to embed technology with learning in effective and meaningful ways based on the specific needs and learning styles of your students.

Technology - embed technology with learning where student learning is first and technology is second.

Assessment - together develop quality formative and summative assessments.

Instruction - use instructional strategies that have a high impact on student learning and make learning visible.

I believe the most effective PD happens right in your classroom. So not only will I meet and plan with you according to what schedule works best for you I also enjoy working side by side with you and your students in class.

If and when you are looking for meaningful ways to use technology with your students to enhance learning please do not hesitate to reach out and email me and I will arrange an initial visit with you and together we can create and implement a plan based on your student's needs.

*Remember you also have access to 1/2 day collaboration time to work with me.


Tim Eirich