College Athletes


Students who are planning to enroll in college as a freshman and wish to participate in sports are usually seeking information on the entire college eligibility and recruitment process. This web page is an attempt to help direct our students and parents to places where they might get some of these answers.

It is very important to know that no one course of action is correct for everyone. Each college and coach may handle the process differently for their prospective student-athletes, but there are many things you need to know about the process from the beginning. When looking at schools try to find a campus you love; where you can see yourself attending school for four or five years. Look for a school that has your major areas of concentration academically speaking. Try to find a school that has an athletic program where you’ll play and enjoy yourself. Be honest with yourself about where you might fit in academically and athletically and be honest with yourself and the coach you are communicating with.

Schools and coaches are looking for good athletes, as well as good students. One of the most important things to remember is to work hard and keep your grades up. A student-athlete is a student first and an athlete second.

It is important to remember that different schools have different umbrella organizations that enforce their policies on academic eligibility, scholarship availability, rules and programs. There are differences between those umbrella organizations rules. For example, the NCAA Division I and Division II, NCAA Division III, and NAIA have different rules for what coaches may do during the recruitment process. So do your homework and remember to ask questions.

It is our hope that the information provided on this web page will help you to answer some of those questions and point you to the right sources for additional information. There are some guidelines that will help you as you prepare for this exciting, yet sometimes intimidating process.