Parent Resources

These are NON-ACADEMIC supports for students.

For ACADEMIC supports, see "Academic Assistance and Credit Recovery" on the previous page.

Suicide Prevention


Appropriate Technology Use

Apps (Online) smart phone information for parents--English.pdf
Apps-Spanish Version Smart Phone Information for parents--Spanish.pdf

Positive Messages

Creating Relationships and Limits with Children

Mindfulness and Perfectionism

Tips to counter Perfectionism

Supporting Students

GMTSS Critical Components Chart 17.pdf

Power of HOPE

"...From the research, we know how to restore, rebuild, and maintain hope. What helps suicidal people most is connection to others, planning for the future, engagement with a helper*, a return to core values and beliefs, and confirming or finding a sense of purpose in life." - QPR

*Helper = Parent, Friend, Teacher, Counselor, & YOU - Anyone who becomes a gatekeeper and receives QPR training