Granite Portal

The Granite School District portal provides convenient access to many websites used by staff, students, and parents. Some websites can only be accessed through the portal, but for others you can bypass the portal and go directly to the site.

  • You can find links to the portal on school websites or the main district page, but the most direct path is:

  • On a desktop web browser, the login page includes the district logo and links to reset passwords and register for the parent portal.

Mobile devices only display a simple login form.

  • On either version of the login page, enter your username and password, then click Log In.

    For students, the username is the student ID number, which begins with the number 9

  • After login, an animation of a cloud should appear only briefly.

  • If the page sticks on this animated cloud, you may have a problem with cookies in the web browser you are currently using. The easiest work-around is to use a different web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari) or a different computer.

  • The portal may dispaly a warning that webPass is missing.

  • You can access the full functionality of the portal without using webPass, so feel free to click Cancel.

  • After a successful login, the portal displays three rows of tiles.

For help and troubleshooting with the portal, please contact the Information Systems Helpdesk at (385)646-4524.