THANKS TO OUR COMMUNITY, Zero-Increase Bond Work is well under way!

As of Dec. 16, 2022:

Brendel, Cook and McGrath Elementary buildings' HVAC and renovation work is almost complete with minor items to wrap up. Final air and water balancing is to be completed over winter break at Cook and Brendel and has been completed at McGrath. The construction team plans to start Phase 3 construction of seven classrooms at McGrath over the break, as well.

Flexible furniture pilot classrooms have been ordered for elementary and secondary. Teachers at different buildings will have the semester to try out the furniture to see try different pieces and give feedback.

Athletic Complex at GBHS: Block veneer continued on the east façade and interior block continued on the mezzanine and in the west team rooms. Ceiling framing in the locker rooms was started. Grandstand erection continued on the home side of the stadium. Structural steel work was completed on the northwest and northeast corners of the building. Waterproofing was completed on the lower exterior walkway, followed by the walkway curbs. Electrical was ran underground to the north end of the stadium. Bocce ball courts were completed on the east side of the stadium. Cold form metal framing was completed on the north façade. The pool walls were poured. Masonry piers were started at the home entry gate. The sidewalk at the south of the building was prepped for concrete. The interior stair was installed in the building lobby. The press box was delivered and set on top of the home grandstands. 

Over winter break, roofing will be completed on the north side of the athletic complex building. The balance of the plaza waterproofing and topping slab will be completed. Metal panel work will begin on the south façade and continue around the building exterior. Block work will continue with stone sills and wall caps, followed by exterior doors and windows. Elevator work will begin. The documentation for the project has been broken up into several bid packages that are being issued in a phased manner. This lets AUCH buy out elements of the project while other elements of the design are being completed, allowing the construction team to turn over areas of the project earlier to Grand Blanc Community Schools. This project has been broken up into 5 bid packages. To date, 4 of the 5 bid packages have been bid and bought. Work for Bid Pack 4, which includes all the site and athletic work (track, track events and soccer field) south of the new turf practice field, has begun. 

Renderings of plans for athletic complex construction.

2020 GBCS Bond Construction