Grand Blanc Health Occupations Students Of America

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CONGRATULATIONS TO CAM G. and Sam E! They have navigated the shark tank that is HOSA to place top 10 at the HOSA International Leadership Conference!

GBHOSA Mission Statement:

The mission of GBHOSA is to create team building and health care exposure opportunities through volunteering and leadership. Our club feels that bettering our local community is the first step to enhancing the impact we can have on the world.

What is "GBHOSA"

Just like the national HOSA organization, GBHOSA has a focus on developing and supporting Grand Blanc Students that are interested in the health profession. But maybe its better to hear what GBHOSA is from current, and former members...

"A chance to enhance my knowledge about the field of medicine while having fun and making new friends." Reel S. c/o '20

"HOSA is honor, opportunity, service, and action. HOSA students are not quitters, but go-getters! When members say they are going to do something, everyone had better believe it. All it takes is implementing a plan of action. HOSA students don’t sit around and wait to support a project, but they put those projects into action. When asked, what HOSA means to me? HOSA doesn’t “mean” anything to me, but rather, it defines me. It’s helped me realize my true potential." Caleb H. c/o '19

"An opportunity to get a little taste of the medical field by taking tests or publicly speaking about it. & an opportunity to gain new skills & friends." Tasha K. c/o '19

"GBHOSA is a whole new experience unlike any other, something I’m glad I’m part of." Ryan M. c/o '19

"To me, [GB]HOSA was a great way to gain experience in the medical field. Besides our Medical Occupations class, we have very little exposure to the medical world, and the realities of it. Most medical professionals are far from the rich doctor that we envision ourselves of becoming, and it is important to understand, and more importantly, appreciate that. We need to be aware of the nurse working 12 hour night shifts who hasn’t been able to take a rest for the last hour, or the resident who hasn’t left the hospital for two weeks, or the young surgeon with grey hairs who has someone’s life at their fingertips. [GB]HOSA allowed us students to see the other sides of the medical field, all while being a part of a group that stresses community service." Yaseen A. alumn c/o '18

" [GB]HOSA allowed me to meet new people that have similar interests as me! I was able to participate in things that I truly value and love doing, such as, volunteering at many different and exciting places. I was able to learn and grow from being apart of this tremendous club. Also, I love [GB]HOSA food committee and its two wonderful and highly dedicated members: Naziha & Hafsa." Naziha J. & Hafsa H. alumn c/o '18

"To me [GB]HOSA was not just a step towards becoming a neurosurgeon or a means of obtaining experience in the medical field. To me [GB]HOSA was an opportunity to help amalgamate a cohort of individuals who share a passion to pursue medicine. Medicine is an increasingly interdisciplinary field especially if you wish to solve the growing number of complex medical issues. [GB]HOSA is unique because it allows individuals with completely different expertise and interest to collaborate, discuss, and compete with each other. It fosters an environment in which these students can develop into future healthcare professionals that will make an everlasting impact in medicine." Hamza H. alumn '18

"For me its a place where i can spend time with friends and make new ones while working towards my future goals and bettering my community at the same time " James K. c/o '19

"HOSA is more than just a club, it’s a family from telling jokes in the group chat when things get silly and winning competitions when it gets serious. This club brings together people who would’ve never been brought to each other in a way no other club can, through victory and friendship. Making connections isn’t the only thing this club is good at, our futures are being built right before our eyes and we are having fun along the way! GBHOSA! " Ethan S. c/o '19

"It means a step closer to my goal of a becoming a doctor. HOSA can be what you make of it, if you put a lot of work in you get a lot out of it. For me, I put the work into it, so HOSA meant new experiences and learning." Hope W. alum c/o '18

"[GB]HOSA to me is a chance to get a taste of what I want to be doing in the future. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the medical field and compete with my knowledge. It deepens my interest and furthers my motivation to push myself in school in order to make my future in the medical field happen. Along with that, I’ve met very intelligent people that inspire me to work hard every day." Analise M. c/o '20

"To me, GBHOSA means a lot of things. Whether that be getting to know my community, developing a better understanding of the medical field, or simply meeting new people, HOSA has it all. Through the club, I’ve been presented with numerous opportunities that I otherwise would have never been introduced to without joining the club. Overall, the club has many benefits and it really means a lot to me that I’ve been given the chance to be a part of it!" Annie B. c/o 21



2017-2018 GBHOSA Members

2016-2017 GBHOSA Members