Stops will take place on these Wednesdays:

July 10 • July 17 • July 24 • July 31 • August 7 • August 14 • August 21

1. 9:00-9:15 AM - Maple Pointe Subdivision

S. Pond Pointe & Deer Park Pass: Saginaw Rd. north to Maple Rd. east to Belsay Rd. north to Deer Park Pass east to S. Pond Pointe

2. 9:25-9:40 AM - Williamsburg Farms Subdivision

Sturbridge Ct. & Sturbridge Rd.: Saginaw Rd. north to Hill Rd. east to Genesee Rd. north to Old Haver Hill Rd. east to Sturbridge Rd. south to Sturbridge Ct.

3. 9:50-10:05 AM - Gemstone Valley Subdivision

Amber Lane & Topaz Circle: East on Perry to north on Belsay east on Chatham Ln. to south on Amber Lane to Topaz Circle (2nd intersection)

4. 10:20-10:35 AM - Tudor Estates

Tudor Estates Clubhouse: North on Saginaw Rd. to west on Maple Ave. to south on Chatelaine Drive

5. 10:45-11:00 AM - McGrath Elementary + Meet Up & Eat Up!*

Saginaw north to west on Russell St. to south on Fern Ave. to west on McGrath St. to McGrath Elementary School. (*FREE Lunch available at McGrath for students at 11:00am)

6. 11:15-11:30AM - Physician’s Park + Meet Up & Eat Up!*

Saginaw St. north to Reid Rd. west to park (*FREE Lunch available at Physician’s Park for students at 11:30am)

7. 11:35-11:50 AM - Indian Hill Elementary

Greenwich Lane & Stonybrook Dr.: Saginaw St. north to Old Bridge Rd. east to Woodbridge north to Indian Hill Elementary

8. 12:35-12:50 PM - Riverbend West Subdivision

Townline Rd. & Townline Ct.: East on Perry Rd. east to Townline Rd. south to Townline Ct.

9. 1:00-1:15 PM - The Woodlands Subdivision

Park Place & Community Center: Saginaw Rd. south to east on McCandlish to south on Oxford Lane to east on Park Place to Community Center.

10. 1:25-1:40 PM - Creekside Village

Woodfield Ct. & Woodfield Pkwy.: south on Saginaw to east on Woodfield Pkwy. to Woodfield Ct.

11. 1:55-2:10 PM - Woodfield

Woodfield Ct. & Woodfield Pkwy.: south on Saginaw to east on Woodfield Pkwy. to Woodfield Ct.

12. 2:15-2:30 PM - The Preserve Subdivision

Fieldway Trail & Playground: Saginaw Rd. south to west on Baldwin to south on Scenic Ridge Blvd. to east on Meadow Crest Circle to south on Fieldway Trail

13. 2:40-2:55 PM - Aspen View Subdivision

Lodge Pole Ct. & Aspen View Dr.: Saginaw Rd. south to west on Baldwin to north on Aspen View Drive to Lodge Pole Ct.

14. 3:05-3:20 PM - Grand Blanc Crossing

Grand Blanc Crossing Office: Saginaw Rd. north to west on Grand Blanc Rd. to south on Embury Rd. to east on Fox Chase Blvd. to Office

15. 3:35-3:50 PM - Grand Wailea Subdivision

Waterfall Dr. & Waterfall Ct.: West on Grand Blanc Rd. to north on Porter Rd. to west on Reid Rd. to north on Wailea Dr. to west on Waterfall Dr. to Waterfall Ct.