The 2017 Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge is open to all students in Connecticut. This year the theme is, Build a Better World. We at Wells Road School want to stress the importance of reading during the summer to prevent students from sliding in their reading skills. Our aim is for kids to READ. Therefore, we have information and activities available here to help students participate in this beneficial program. Every student is making a block with a book recommendation on it for the incoming grade students which you can view on the grade level page. We also have links for student journals to print or use digitally, additional book recommendations, contest links and more.

Students who participate in the summer reading challenge and return their journals to school in September will be entitled to a reward.

What can you do to encourage reading this summer with your children?

Use the library.

Make sure everyone in your family has a library card. Help children learn how to use the library’s resources: computer systems, shelves, best-seller sections, etc. Visit regularly.

Read every day.

Make it a habit to set aside time each day for everyone to read—books, magazines, news­papers, and letters.

Talk about what you are reading.

Children need to see adults reading frequently. They also need to know the benefits of reading. Talk to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, even young neigh­bors about what you are reading.

Use our school website to help with summer reading materials.

Wells Road School and the Granby libraries provide summer reading lists that highlight excellent books, which are readily available, popular and consistent with grade-level reading skills.

Make reading materials part of your home.

Buy books at bookstores and tag sales. Borrow books from the library and from friends. Subscribe to newspapers and magazines. Then read, read, read!

We hope you have a wonderful summer filled with delightful books! Deb Pattison, Reading Specialist & Laurie Smith, Media Specialist