Hi and welcome to AVID!! Advancement via Individual Determination.

I am Donna Dumas, the AVID Coordinator/Elective teacher.

I have been at Granbury Middle School since 2004 after moving from Mambrino School. This will be my fourth year to teach the AVID elective. My experiences in the many different classes both I have taught over the years, Algebra, all levels of math and Content Mastery, bring an abundant of expertise to the class that I love to share with my students.

I love to spend my spare time with my family, travel to the beach and abroad in the summers. I love to take pictures of the many places I visit. I collect coffee mugs and magnets from my various travels.

My love for sports takes me to many different games to watch my students play their own sports. I love to attend many different collegiate/professional sports games. Being a fellow piano and flute player in middle and high school, I also appreciate music of all kinds.

Advancement via Individual Determination

AVID affords our students the chance to see many different colleges by visiting them during the years. It also prepares them for post secondary activities whether that be college, trade school, community college, or the workforce.

WICOR - writing, organization,collaboration, inquiry and reading. Strategies lead to success in and out of the classroom.

We support each other like a family. We learn how to communicate with adults and be our own self-advocate.

We also keep our eyes on our GPAs.

College/career research

Team building is also a huge component to our class.

We also have tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday with college tutors.


Thanking the GISD School Board for allowing AVID in our schools.

Got to represent the Outstanding Player of the Week - Spencer!

Bodie and Natalie spoke to the GISD School Board about AVID and how it has improved their school work, GPA's, self confidence, and organizational skills.

Texas A&M campus visit - 2019

Baylor University campus visit -2020

Collaborating with other teachers

Just another day in AVID - Ashley

Michael Jordan - "The Last Dance"