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Curriculum Team Response to Return to School Fall 2020

Return to school in the fall of 2020 will include the choice for parents between sending their student(s) back to school for face-to-face learning or keeping them at home for remote learning. Equity, regardless of the choice of learning environment, will be the goal for Graham ISD. Inherently, face-to-face instruction has advantages over remote learning. Communication is improved when a student is in the classroom, and this increased communication benefits the student in more clear and coherent understanding as well as providing teachers the ability to more effectively measure student progress. Graham ISD will utilize Google Meets to provide remote students live, two-way lessons and assistance. Teachers will also provide students with recorded lessons they can view at point of need. All assignments will be the same for face-to-face and remote learners and will be graded according to the established GISD Grading Guidelines. ( Expectations for student work will be the same in both face-to-face and remote settings. The documents below provide greater detail regarding the instructional expectations for the 2020-2021 school year.

Remote Learning:

Synchronous instruction is similar to on-campus learning. It is two-way, real-time, live instruction between students and teachers through the computer or other electronic devices. Our LMS in Graham ISD is Google Classroom housing teacher-developed lessons utilizing district instructional materials for all grade levels.

Asynchronous instruction refers to self-paced instruction where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer or other electronic devices or over the phone. For students engaged in the day, they would be marked as present. Engagement is defined as progress in the Learning Management System (LMS) made that day; Progress from teacher to student interaction made that day; Evaluating the completion and understanding of assignments that day.

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