ACP and Naviance

What is ACP (Academic and Career Planning)?

An Academic & Career Plan (ACP) is both a PROCCESS and a DOCUMENT that helps give our students DIRECTION for making informed education and career path decisions that are a good fit for them.

The PROCESS is where students develop a sense of self, gain self-knowledge and confidence in the areas of strengths and interests, explore educational and career opportunities and begin to build a portfolio showcasing themselves as they change and grow.

The DOCUMENT that is ACP is the actual plan/portfolio that Naviance organizes and shows all of the steps students have taken as they experience various self-discovery and career paths.

Why ACP?

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) is intended to equip students and their families with the tools necessary to make more informed choices about post-secondary education and training as it leads to careers.

It is part of our overall vision for every student to graduate from high school being college and career ready. That means students must be competent both socially and emotionally. We want our students to be strong critical thinkers, collaborate, solve real-world problems, be flexible, have self-knowledge and persevere when things aren’t quite going their way. When put together, it’s about making them productive adults with satisfying careers. This process begins well before graduation from high school and extends into adulthood as you can see on the graphic below.

What is Naviance?

The Grafton School District uses Naviance as an electronic place to educate about and keep track of every student's ACP (academic and career plan/document). This plan, also known as a student portfolio, houses assessment results, survey results, career searches, personal reflections and more, all of which describe the essence of each student helping him or her navigate their journey toward life after high school. Each student's ACP will grow and change over the years and will travel with them when they transition to the high school. The video below describes more about Naviance.