Educational Philosophy

Classical Presentation

Grammar Stage

  • Primary, K-1
  • Early Elementary, 2-4
  • Upper Elementary, 4-6

Logic Stage

  • Middle School, 6-8

Rhetoric Stage

  • Plans for grades 9-12 in 2018

Classical Education Overview

Individual Emphasis

Achievement and ability focused

    • Students will take placement exams in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Students will not be educated by their age but by their achievement and ability in the areas of math, writing, and reading.
    • Mixed aged groupings for electives will provide dynamic perspectives in the classrooms

Small class sizes

Time at home/tutorial allows for remediation or advanced application

Optimally Delivered

At each point, students will be pressed to achieve and instruction will emphasize the joy of learning for a lifetime. Students may attend GCA for one class, a few classes, two days of classes, or three days worth of direct instruction. The remaining time will allow students to work independently on assigned projects, pursue individual interests, attend activities to bring learning to life, master difficult concepts, and/or have increased time for learning with family.

Elective Day/Classes

Students can take art, engineering/technology, science, and Spanish classes on the elective/STEAM day. These classes will meet weekly for 36 weeks.

Core Academic Days/Classes

Students can take math, language arts, history, Bible, and/or memory work/Latin classes on a twice weekly basis for 36 weeks.

Satellite Days

Students and Parents can choose schedules that work for them. Work will be assigned for these days and should be scheduled in a way that it is completed prior to the next class for that subject. Some tasks will require a parent signature that it was completed (memory work) while others will have to be submitted via email, picture, or physical copy at the next class. Class assignments will be given in advance but are subject to change.