Educational Philosophy

Classical Presentation

Grammar Stage

  • Primary, K-1
  • Early Elementary, 2-4
  • Upper Elementary, 4-6

Logic Stage

  • Seventh through ninth grade

Rhetoric Stage

  • Tenth though twelfth grade

Classical Education Overview

Individual Emphasis

Achievement and ability focused

    • Students placed in classes that will challenge them regardless of age/grade. For instance a fourth grade student may take math with mostly sixth grade students, spelling with the fifth grade grouping, and literature with fourth grade students.

Small class sizes

    • Mixed aged groupings provides dynamic perspectives in the classrooms
    • Core academic classes have a maximum capacity of ten (6-10) students and elective courses have a maximum capacity of fifteen (10-15) students depending on grade .

Time at home/tutorial allows for individual attention and pacing

Optimally Delivered

At each point, students will be pressed to achieve and instruction will emphasize the joy of learning for a lifetime. Students may attend GCA for one class, a few classes, or 1-3 days worth of direct instruction. The remaining time at home will allow students to work independently on assigned projects, pursue individual interests, attend activities to bring learning to life, master difficult concepts, and/or have increased time for learning with family.

Please see the course page for more information on scheduling.