This list is not exhaustive but it does shed light on some of the books/ programs GCA will use.


Singapore Math U.S. Editions


Grammar Stage Science

7 year plan/ rotation- GCA goes through a 7-year rotation for students in grades K-6. The rotation plan can be found here.

Logic Stage Science

Students in 7th and 8th grade take a sequence of courses to prepare them for High School. The specific courses can be found here.

Language Arts

First Language Lessons

Writing and Rhetoric

Spell to Write and Read

Rod and Staff


4 year history plan/ rotation. GCA goes through a 4-year rotation for students in first through eighth grade. Students will study each time period twice. The rotation plan will be posted soon!

This year (2017-2018), we will study Ancient History using materials from Veritas Press, Story of the World, Selected historical fiction books, and various history encyclopedias.


Similar to history and science, GCA students, across grades 1-8 will study the same books of the Bible but at varying, levels.

2017-2018 Bible courses will cover the Gospels

Kindergarten students will complete a survey of the Bible using the Jesus Storybook Bible. Students will also attend Thursday teachings on the Gospels with CCSJ Pastoral Staff.


Students will study art corresponding to Ancient History using the Veritas Press Art History program and teacher resources.

Memory Work

Selected Biblical passages

Selected poetry

History timeline cards and songs

Bible timeline cards and songs

Mathematics information

Latin declensions

Parts of speech

Selected scientific information

Kathy Troxel Geography Music