2017-2018 Courses


The Course Brochure for 2017-2018 indicates when each course if offered. Please contact GCA if you have any questions.


On Campus Days

STEAM Day/Classes

Students can take Art, Engineering/Technology, Science, and Spanish on the elective/ STEAM day. These classes will meet weekly for 36 weeks.

Academic Days/Classes

Students can take math, language arts, history, Bible, and/or memory work/Latin on a twice weekly basis for 36 weeks.

Satellite Days

Students and parents can choose schedules that work for them. Work will be assigned for these days and should be scheduled in a way that it is completed prior to the next class for that subject. Some tasks will require a parent signature that it was completed (memory work) while others will have to be submitted via email, picture, or physical copy at the next class. Class assignments will be given in advance but are subject to change.

*Primary Grades are K-1, Early Elementary are 2-4, Upper Elementary are 4-6, and Middle School grades are 6-8. Please note overlap of grades for the primary, early elementary, and upper elementary groupings allows for parent and placement testing considerations.