Below is a list of curricula that is utilized in the classes at GCA. Teachers at GCA seek to integrate subjects and teach students the love of learning. As such, teachers will bring concepts from different academic domains into their classes to help students create a robust picture. Furthermore, when teachers realize there is an area of strength or an area of weakness, the teacher will take that into consideration and utilize teacher created resources or other curricula.

Of note, this list is not exhaustive but it does shed light on some of the books/ programs GCA will use. In June, parents are provided a list of the exact books needed for the upcoming school year.


Math Mammoth

Singapore Math U.S. Editions


Grammar and Logic Stage Science

GCA goes through a rotation for students to delve into various areas of scientific exploration. During the 2019-2020 school year Chemistry will be the specific area and classes tailored to meet the developmental readiness at each grade. The curriculum has not been chosen yet. Check back the first week of April for the final curriculum decision.

Early Rhetoric/Late Logic stage Science

Chemistry I with lab will be offered at the high school level for 2019-2020. The curriculum has not been chosen yet. Check back the first week of April for the final curriculum decision.


Phonics Museum (K-1)

First Language Lessons (1-4)

Grammar for the Well Trained Mind

Our Mother Tongue

Spell to Write and Read (K-12)

Diagramming the Scriptures

Michael Clay Thompson


Institute for Excellence in Writing resources

Writing and Rhetoric


Specific selections for each reading group are announced during the school year.


GCA goes through a 4-year rotation for students in first through eighth grade. Students will study each time period twice.

2019-2020 will cover the Late Renaissance/Early Modern Age, 1600-1850 using Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer, various encyclopedias, and historical fiction books. The text for high school has not been decided yet. Please check back the first week of April for the final decision.

Bible/ Devotions

Similar to history and science, GCA students, across grades 1-8 will study the same books of the Bible but at varying, levels.

2019-2020 Bible courses will cover Genesis through Joshua

Each morning students have a time of prayer, worship, and personal devotions using the One Year Bible for Children or the One Year Bible for Kids depending on reading level.


Students will study art corresponding to their history studies using the Veritas Press Art History program and teacher created resources.


Argument Builder

Art of the Argument


Song School Latin (K-3)

Latin for Children from Classical Academic Press

Latin Alive

Memory Work

Selected Biblical passages

Selected poetry

Veritas Press History timeline cards and songs

Latin declensions

Parts of speech

Kathy Troxel geography music