Construction of Falling Waters Elementary, Nov. 2019


Hello and welcome to Falling Waters Elementary school!  Thank you for visiting our website; I'm thrilled to share information with you about our school.

Falling Waters Elementary is in our third year as we opened the building in Fall 2020-2021!  This 2023-24 school year, we will open with approximately 495 preschool through 5th grade students, including four sections of kindergarten, five sections of first grade, four sections of second, third, and fourth, and fifth grade.  We also host a preschool program that offers half day preschool classes for three and four year old learners. 

Our teachers are highly qualified and trained in research-based teaching practices designed to maximize student learning.  In our first year open, many veteran teachers from other elementary schools across the Gretna Public Schools district transitioned to open Falling Waters, along with twelve new teacher hires that range in their backgrounds and experiences. 

All staff members at Falling Waters are dedicated to ensuring the success of all students.  We truly live our mission by "unconditionally accepting all students and maximizing their potential".  Our teaching staff maintain high expectations to support the growth of the whole child while teaching with compassion and creativity.   

Gretna Public Schools and Falling Waters Elementary offer a range of specialized programming and support for students.  All elementary buildings have a full time counselor and special area teachers for Visual Art, Physical Education, Technology, Media, and Music.  For qualified students, we also offer High Ability Learning curriculum, Special Education, and intervention in reading and math. 

We believe parent and community partnership is vital to our student's success.  We invite our families to join us as we build a community of learners while establishing our school culture, traditions, and identity.  Our Parent-Teacher Organization offers many opportunities to get involved.  For more information, feel free to check out the PTO tab on our school website or find "Falling Waters Elementary PTO" on Facebook.  Your input and support is highly valued!  

It is an honor to serve Falling Waters and the Gretna Public Schools community.  I am looking forward to meeting you and working with your family!

Dr. Jenny  Hellbusch 

Twitter: @DrHellbusch