MiProject is an inquiry-based project. Inquiry-based learning is about learning something new, triggering curiosity in which students develop questions that they are hungry to answer.

This is not simply a research project. What new product can you design? What new skill would you like to learn? Would you like to learn about photography from an expert? Are you interested in raising money to help those in need? What have you always wanted to learn about, but so far, haven’t had the opportunity?

Please follow the steps below to begin MiProject.

MiProject Steps

1. Students construct a project proposal, indicating a purpose. Ms. Ward will help guide the process. Students use the MiProject Form in the Seminar folder to document and construct a proposal.

2. Students share their project proposal and purpose via this Google Form to indicate an interest in MiProject. Ms. Ward will then meet with students during Seminar on Oct. 3 to answer questions/provide guidance and support.

3. Students use Seminar time to research the topic. Students use the MiProject Form in their Seminar Google Classroom to document progress with the action plan. Throughout the semester/year, students will check in periodically with Ms. Ward via requests in Flexisched.

4. The project should result in a product of some sort:

      • Design [fine art, game design, business plan, woodworking, etc.]

      • Speak [speech, spoken-word poetry, lecture, etc.]

      • Perform [dance, recital, song, music, etc.]

      • Demonstrate [skill, talent, etc.]

      • Write [argument, synthesis, narrative, fiction, flash fiction,poetry, fan fiction, etc.]

      • Serve [community outreach]

5. Students may complete/“go public” with their project as soon as they are ready, but all MiProject presentations need to “go public” by May 4. “Go Public” means presenting the project and preparing a talk reflecting on what was learned, as well as what worked about the process and what didn’t. These will be recorded and posted online.

Mi Project-EF.mp4