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Greeting GPISD parents of Tice Elementary. I welcome you contact me with any questions you may have about any classroom activities or school wide related questions. I come to GPISD with 17 years experience and ready to take our students to new heights. I look forward to an exciting fun filled year with your students.

GT Projects that were assigned and passed out before the Christmas break were presented as a part of the GT showcase on campus on January 18, 2018. It was an awesome display of creativity by our fourth graders. The parents and other students couldn't help but be amazed at the detailed and awesome products our students created. The following day, Friday January 19, the students were all given time to present their projects to the class. Here are a few pictures from both days....

January Newsletter

Welcome back to the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year. It may seem like May is a long way off, but time will quickly fly by as the scheduled breaks and upcoming workloads help to erase the days. In Math, we are beginning fractions and Force & Motion has also begun in Science. Your child has the opportunity to complete homework online through our Google Classroom page. They may also work on any of the district programs for Language Art or Math. The primary apps for them to make use of or I-Station for Reading & Dream Box for Math. One major request. Each student will need to have their own set of headphones. You can purchase a set of earbuds and I will store them in my classroom cabinet in their own individual zip lock bag with their name on it. We will be using them for the remainder of the school year in our small group rotations beginning January 29, 2018. If you have any questions, send them directly to me through the app text feature we use to communicate. We will also have a series of campus checkpoint exams.

January 23 -Math

January 24 -Writing

January 25 -Science

The Tice Elementary Robotics club has set off on a journey of exploration in one of the most unbounded fields of the future to date. Our team is comprised of seven 4th graders that are ready and willing to cooperatively work to advance their own knowledge of the robotics field. Follow us as we meet twice a month after school and develop our competition robot.

Technology applications are built into many of our traditional learning activities.

Stop by and see us in action.


Science Every Day

Both Mr. Henry's & Ms. Covarrubias' class are working on

Parents, please allow you child to continue practice on previously taught math concepts at Students should spiral back to the following....

Addition and Subtraction with decimals



Place Value

Converting Fractions to Decimals (and vice versa)


Math 7:40 - 9:45

Science 9:45 - 10:30

SWITCH 10:30 - 10:35

Math 10:35 - 11:20

Recess 11:40 - 12:00

Lunch 12:00 - 12:30

Math 12:30 - 1:35

Science 1:35 - 2:20

Elective 2:20 - 3:05

Dismissal 3:10