Mrs. Barrios

Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher

Conference Time 2:20-3:10

School Number- 832-386-4050

I'm Done, Now What?

Enrichment Project- Click Below and fill out the sheet


Computer Games.

Please make sure you are trying your best. Click on the games below.

Division Word Problems

Division Games

Multiplication Games

Thinking Blocks-Add/Sub

Place Value Hundredaire Game

Rounding Game (must use numbers on top to work)

Multiply Races

Math Match: Memory Game

Build a Ten

Ecosystem Project

iPads- research the different organisms that live in your habitat. You need at least:

  • one producer,
  • one herbivore,
  • one carnivore,
  • one decomposer

(hint google search food chain in ______ ecosystem)

Record all work in your research booklet.

watch: Food Chain Video

computers- research the living and nonliving things in your habitat.

(hint: google search living and nonliving thins in ______ ecosytem)

Record all work in your research booklet.

watch: Ecosystem Video

Discovery Education Videos.

Click Link below

Discovery Education

(Technician will help you login if you forgot how to)


7:30-7:50 Morning Work/Announcements

7:50-9:50 MATH

9:50-10:30 Science

10:30 Switch

10:35-11:30 MATH

11:30-11:50 Recess

11:50-12:20 Lunch

12:20-1:30 MATH

1:30-2:20 Science

2:20-3:10 Activity