Mrs. Barrios

Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher

Conference Time 2:20-3:10

School Number- 832-386-4050

Computer Games.

Please make sure you are trying your best. Click on the games below.

Division Word Problems

Division Games

Multiplication Games

Thinking Blocks-Add/Sub

Place Value Hundredaire Game

Rounding Game (must use numbers on top to work)

Multiply Races

Math Match: Memory Game

Build a Ten

Ecosystem Project

iPads- research the different organisms that live in your habitat. You need at least:

  • one producer,
  • one herbivore,
  • one carnivore,
  • one decomposer

(hint google search food chain in ______ ecosystem)

Record all work in your research booklet.

watch: Food Chain Video

computers- research the living and nonliving things in your habitat.

(hint: google search living and nonliving thins in ______ ecosytem)

Record all work in your research booklet.

watch: Ecosystem Video

Discovery Education Videos.

Click Link below

Discovery Education

(Technician will help you login if you forgot how to)


7:30-7:50 Morning Work/Announcements

7:50-9:50 MATH

9:50-10:30 Science

10:30 Switch

10:35-11:30 MATH

11:30-11:50 Recess

11:50-12:20 Lunch

12:20-1:30 MATH

1:30-2:20 Science

2:20-3:10 Activity