Working at Home with Team TREK

Hello All,

If you are here, it is because we are working at home in order to do our part in protecting our friends, family, and ourselves from the Coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully, we will not need to do this for very long. This page was built so you can access anything you need while you are working at home on your education. The teachers on our team have taken time to build lessons that are doable at home, but also valuable to the 8th grade curriculum and will make it so we don't fall behind in our 8th grade studies. If this is going to be successful, everyone will need to be communicating while we are home. If you have questions, ask. If you have concerns, reach out. If you are not sure what to do, ask, and I know that we will help you get through. Just like at school, you will be able to ask your teacher in each class if there are questions about the class or assignment, you will be able to ask your advisory if you have general questions, and you can ask me if you have concerns that I will need to address. Try to find a way to enjoy the online learning and your extended time at home. We are here for you if you need anything.

Mr. Danais and the Team TREK teachers and advisors.

To Post Appropriate Spirit week stuff go to PW: KRMS2020

Important Message about Privacy: Please note; there should be no recording or picture taking of any student(s) working in a group session or video conference online. Recording of anyone without their permission is against the law and impedes upon FERPA rights of other students. Please do not engage in this activity. Thank You

Email Addresses

Email Addresses

Mr. Danais .

Ms. Sanders

Ms. Galimberti

Mr. Little

Ms. Legere

Ms. Souza

Ms. McEvoy

Your Daily Schedule

8-9am . Check in with your advisor. Get yourself ready for the day

9-9:30 Band/Chorus . Go to what Ms. Small or Ms. Daley-Gibson have set up for you. If you see Ms. Legere, she will be in contact with you during this time too.

9:30 - 10:30 . Math . Go to your Google Classroom for math and look for the days assignment.

10:30-12:30 English, History and Science. This is the time to work on those three subjects and communicate with these teachers if you have questions. Each of their assignments are on Google Classroom.

12:30 - 1:30 Explore . You all have different exploratories, so go to the google classroom for each of these classes and work on that. Communicate with your teachers if needed.

The above link should take you to YOUR google classroom

Classroom Codes if you need them:

English p24zmwg

Math oagplua

History kalvle5

Science rbz6koo

Spanish 1 yrv46ll

French B rlkied4

TREK Challenge djiuuem

Reading (McEvoy) of7cm2r

Ms. Legere A Block p3yjq2m

FACS npbbab7

Video Chat Rooms




A Block (Ms. Legere):

Just to hang out with your friends:

Mr. McCullough .