Mrs. Rubio's Science Webpage

Welcome to my webpage! I'm looking forward to working with you this semester in Science.

Below you will find a link to your course information and class agenda to help you keep track of classwork and due dates.

In our class technology is;

a tool for innovation,

a tool for connecting,

a tool for problem solving,

a tool for reflection,

a tool for self assessment,

a tool for critical thinking

and a tool for choice.

I hope you take advantage of this site and that it helps you to succeed. Don't be afraid to make appointments with me for extra help. I'm more than willing to aid you with your studies!

My Schedule Semester One:

Period One SPH 3U1 Room C316

Period Two SPH 4C1 Room C316

Period Three LUNCH Set up an appointment if you need extra help during this time!

Period Four SPH 3U1 Room C316

Period Five -------------- Science Office C326

I am looking forward to a GREAT semester together!