Saunders Technology


Welcome to the Saunders Technology Program

Saunders offers a wide array of Technological courses in grades 9 through 12. Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSMs) are available in Grade 11 in the areas of Construction, Manufacturing, Arts and Culture and Health and Wellness. In School Experiential Learning Courses include STAR TV, Sound & Light for Live performance, The Sabre Salon and The Underground Cafe. Cooperative Education placements occur in all of our technology sectors.

The Big Picture

Here you'll find the 2020-21 Tech offerings (there's a lot!)

Grade 9! Look Here!

If you're looking for a Technology Course in Grade 9, you're in luck! Saunders offers Technology for Life

Tech For Life Builds (TIJ1OB) - students will experience several shops which could include : Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Green Industries, Technical Design & Computer Engineering.

Tech for Life Creates (TIJ1OC) - students will experience several shops which could include : Health Care, Hospitality, Green Industries, Technical Design, Hair & Aesthetics & Communications

The STEM program offers grade 9s the chance to experience a school within a school - 5 credits, 4 teachers and 1 semester of project driven curriculum based on science and engineering