Mr. Morrow's Grade 7 Class


To Boldly go where no one has gone before.


Homework Guideline

• assigning homework is not always required

• no more than ten minutes per grade of concentrated homework time is recommended per day (e.g., 30 minutes for grade three, 80 minutes for grade eight). With that said we have to be very careful, 80 mins at the grade 8 level can be excessive.

Homework can be used to build productive habits such as:

  • managing time
  • organizing materials
  • preparing for an upcoming event
  • producing independently outside the classroom.

Homework used and assigned effectively can be a powerful tool in enhancing student learning and in the development of key learning skills. As a parent and a teacher homework is one of those issues the I devote a lot of time and thought. Here are some of my guiding principles:

  1. A student's academic grade will never be put in direct jeopardy due to incomplete work. Homework is a skill.
  2. All students have the right to homework that they can complete without help.
  3. A students right to adequate downtime and sleep shall not be infringed upon by homework.
  4. Parents shall be entitled to excuse their child from homework that their child does not understand or is too tired to complete

Homework can and should be a positive experience