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Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts

Welcome to Grade Five for 2020-2021! We are going to have a wonderful busy year!!!!!

As part of the Grade 5 Literacy, students are expected to develop a daily reading program. They are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes each day and they are to record their reading on their digital reading log. (see reading logs page) . While reading their novels, students are also encouraged to read aloud to someone at home at least once a week in order to further develop their fluency and expression skills.

At the end of every week, we will be sending home a weekly contract that will let you know what we will be working on and also what homework will be due that following week. Homework due dates are most often assigned well in advance. In class, we are emphasizing, with students, the importance of best effort on all assignments and punctuality. Our goal is that all students will be demonstrating excellent RESPONSIBILITY, ORGANIZATION, INDEPENDENT WORK, COLLABORATION, INITIATIVE, and SELF-REGULATION skills. We will appreciate your consistent support at home with the reinforcement of these important LEARNING SKILLS.

We will have spelling dictations on Mondays and the list words relate to the units we are studying. We introduce the students to spelling patterns and rules and we encourage students to chunk the words when they are learning to spell them. This method is very helpful to develop strong spelling skills.

Each month, we will focus on a different style of poetry. The students will be taught the poetry style and will then write a rough copy in their Literacy Section in their binder. Students are then expected to complete a good copy of their poem and to add pictures, drawings, photos, borders, etc. This expectation will work on visual display and publishing skills. The published copies of their poem will always be due near the end of each month.