Looking to make music on your ChromeBook? Check these out...

Paid Resources


Music Notation at your finger-tips. Available for Chorus and General Music Students.

*Login using Google, with your "" credentials.


Digital Audio Workstation on your ChromeBook (similar to GarageBand!). Available for Chorus and General Music Students.

*Login is your "" email up to the @, password is your student ID number.

Free Resources

Drum/Sound Pads

Sampulator: Turn your ChromeBook into A Drum Pad and Synth

SoundBox: Turn your ChromeBook into a Drum Pad

80s Looper Lab: Play and Record Drums in your browser.

Drum Machines

Drum Machine: A Programable Drum Machine your Chromebook

HTML5 Drum Machine: A Linear-Program Drum Machine for your ChromeBook.

DAW / Composition

Incredibox: Incredibox is an animated, a cappella DAW. Make vocal mixes come to life!

Beepbox: A Programmable 8-Bit Video Game Music Composer.

Blokdust: Create music with effects using geometric blocks.

Collections / Labs

Chrome Music Lab: Google's Music and Sound Exploration Lab. A great collection of audio tools.

MusEDLab Suite: NYC's Music Experience's Sound Lab. Another great collection of music tools.

Moving Image Archive: This Free Video-Archive is a great place to start for Film Scoring Projects.


Ableton's Guide to Making Music: Learn to make loop-based music.

Inside AbbeyRoad: A Google "Virtual Tour" of the legendary Abbey Road Recording Studio of Beatles' fame.

MusicMap Genealogy Of Music: Learn and Listen to the history of popular music come to life.

NoteFlight Looper: An introduction to Music Notation and Composition using NoteFlight.

Digital Media Resources

MakeyMakey Apps: Using the MakeyMakey? Here are some apps to get you started!

Other Resources

Welcome To Music: Mr. Williamson's "Welcome To Music" Adobe Spark Video, highlighting the modern music class experience.

Webcam Screenshot for Chrome: Take a snapshot from your webcam right in Chrome with this easy extension!