K. Nichols Computer Lab

I teach fourth grade computer lab with an emphasis on Computer Science and using technology in our world. Our students learn basic computer skills, terminology and coding. Our classes cover Internet Safety and Digital Etiquette in order to be good digital citizens. We look at those who have made and are making a difference in technology. Students have their own Google Drives and access to Google Classrooms. Click on Quarterly Computer Lab Newsletter to enjoy more tech tips.

Be sure to scroll down and watch the video, "Let's Teach Kids to Code" by MIT's Mitch Resnick.

Click on Student Digital Resources to enjoy one of the best collections of digital resources for your projects.

Code.org is a great introduction to coding. Students, please click on your classroom to access your account.

Google CS-First Club (CS stands for Computer Science). We are using this site as one of our resources for digital storytelling.

Google's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Autodraw

From Google Creative Lab, this drawing program uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help guess what you are drawing in order to help you. Very cool!

"Computer Science is...

  • a theory and practice that allows you to program a computer to do what you want it to
  • a tool that helps you tell a story or make something happen with technology
  • a discipline that emphasizes persistence in problem solving - a skill that is applicable across disciplines, driving job growth and innovation across all sectors of the workforce
  • a skill that teaches students how to use computers to create, not just consume

Computer Science is not...

  • learning how to type
  • learning to use word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software
  • learning how to build or repair computers
  • playing video games"

~ definition and quote of Computer Science from Google's CS-First website

Other Coding Resources:

  • Tynker: Log in with your Google credentials. Mrs. K. Nichols has the classroom code.
  • Code Maven: Learn JavaScript and experience the actual language just for fun!
  • HTML Color Picker: Color Picker for Coding is a way to get the exact color you want in coding! Choose from over 16 million combinations!
  • Code Academy: Learn how to code interactively for free. Just sign up for an account.

Keyboarding Activities: