Southside Elementary

Encouraging Words

This year, we have been talking about ways that we can make our school, town, and world a better place. We brainstormed many different ideas, and have already put some of them into place.

In each class, students chose the ideas they were most interested in working on, and partnering with one or two other students, they created a poster that would send an encouraging message to their schoolmates. The guidelines were to use positive words, make the words and design interesting to catch peoples attention, and to speak to something in our school that could be improved.

Look for our posters when you visit Southside!


Throughout this year, we have learned about and practiced engineering using several classroom challenges. Last week, we had the chance to hear from some senior JBU students about their experience building a remote controlled plane, and entering it into an international competition.

The Discovery and enrichment students learned about building and flying a remote control plane, the types of engineers that have to work together to complete and fly the plane, and some of the different things that engineers might do in their jobs.


Each year, we get together with other schools in Northwest Arkansas, and our fourth grade students go to STEAM Day. During STEAM Day we get to work with and know other GT students from schools in our area. We do a variety of activities. This years activities were: Catapults, Mystery Architecture, and Nonograms.

Newton's Laws of Motion

We have been learning about Newton's Laws of Motion. We learned the laws, discussed what they mean, and came up with real life examples for each law. Each student created and illustrated pages for each of the three laws. We also talked about ways to demonstrate

Dash and Dot

We are learning about robotics and programming. We have some Dash and Dot robots that we use block programming to control.

Building Bridges

In Discovery, we have been working on a STEAM challenge of building bridges. Along with criteria about function (how it works): materials, length, and amount it will hold, we are also considering form (how it looks).

The materials they could use were: 20 large craft sticks, and 12 binder clips. The first challenge, the bridge had to be able to span 15 inches. The second challenge , the bridge had to span 20 inches. Each team placed various items on their bridge to test it's strength and stability. The Discovery students enjoyed the challenge.

The Preamble to the US Constitution

At the end of September, we learned about the US Constitution, and many of the Discovery students learned the Preamble. We discussed and learned about each word and phrase. We talked about what the Founding Fathers thought was important, and what we thought they meant by including these things in the Preamble. The students who were able to recite the Preamble signed our copy that we put into the hall.

Maker Faire/Parent Night - Thank you to all who came out to our Maker Faire and Parent Night. We had things from each school in the district that our students have been working on or learning about, that parents and families could experience with their Discovery students.

Dottie and Dasher - We are enjoying having Dottie and Dasher in our classroom this year. They are two small robots that we are using to learn about block coding, as well as having lots of fun with. My students solve puzzles and work on a variety of problem solving challenges.

Positive Posters - At the beginning of this school year, the Southside Discovery students made posters with encouraging messages that can help to make our school a better place.