Thank you for your interest in the G-Note Auditions!

Families in grades 7 and 8 will receive an online google sign-up sheet via email for individual audition time slots. Ms. Baird and Ms. Romanzi will join me for the individual auditions.


scroll through Shed The Music , a collection of melody, rhythm, and harmony videos that explain theory

find free music training games on Theta Music Trainer

excellent ear-training and sight-reading practice at Cheltenham Choirs

Wonderful blog with advice from a college student

warmups to sing along with (first 10 min. of video)


  • Be in good voice. If you haven't sung in a while, you can't expect to go into an audition and perform well. Singing every day (or very close to it) is essential for keeping your voice healthy and strong.

  • Be prepared. Always give yourself plenty of time to learn your audition material; the day before just won't cut it. Go the extra mile and memorize your solo! Plan where you will breathe. Practice in front of people. Record yourself and listen.

  • Choose a song that suits you. Play up your strengths.

  • If you make a mistake while singing, don't stop! An audition is like a performance; just keep going, and don't let your face or body language reveal the fact that you've made a mistake.

  • Try everything that is asked of you. There is too much competition to leave something out.

  • Sing out (at an appropriate volume) so that you can be heard. Don't look down. Show the judges that you understand what you're singing about - be expressive!

  • Project confidence. Acting confident will help you feel more confident. Smile!