Mobile Learning TeachEx

The big question

How can we use mobile devices to enhance creative active learning?


The TeachEx project aims to improve teaching excellence in Israeli institutions of Higher Education (HE) through the use of innovative learning and teaching tools, pedagogic and methodological approaches. This is demonstrated in the five domains of the project: (1) Innovation in active teaching & learning; (2) internationalization of education; (3) bridging the generation gap; (4) managing diversity in the classroom; and (5) incorporating educational technology. Incorporating educational technology, and specifically the use of mobile devices can be demonstrated in all five domains of the project. For example, managing diversity in the classroom may be assisted by using mobile devices to personalize the process of learning by the flexibility of adapting assignments and resources to different students.

What can you find in this site?

The developed module consists of an introduction to Mobile Learning and six detailed workshops to be given to faculty as part of the offering of Centers of Teaching Excellence in HEI's.

Each workshop is described in a different page with the relevant materials and instructions.

We hope this will serve you in the integration and implementation of Mobile Leaning into your teaching and learning processes.