Little Cats

Little Cats is available for children who are 4-5 years old and are not enrolled in Kindergarten. Children must be fully potty trained and must be enrolled in the Goodhue School Preschool 4 yr old program.

This program is created to provide care before and after their 4 yr old PreK classes and on non-PreK days.

Little Cats would only be available during the school months.

If students will be attending Kindergarten in the fall, they can enroll in Wildcat Care for the summer before they go to Kindergarten. Little Cats is not a summer care program.


School Year:
M-F: 6:00am-5:30pm

Non-School Days:

Please see the Inclement Weather tab for more information on weather-related hours.

Little Cats Phone: 651-347-2514

You can call OR text this number during Little Cats hours to update staff members about information regarding your child.

Childcare Director: Mindy O'Connor