Our drop off classes are held outdoors in our local park. We have access to a butterfly garden, hiking trails, and a shallow creek. Classes include Math, Language Arts, Science, and Enrichment Studies - all inspired by nature!

Language arts, math, and science, are all woven into each class. Instead of using textbooks or workbooks, each child will make a book of their own, filled with facts, stories, illustrations, data, sketches, and favorite poems.


3 years - 5 years | Tuesdays & Thursdays

This class is all about play and cultivating social skills. Children will hear seasonal nature stories that encourage working together and caring for one another. They will take nature walks, learn poems, sing songs, make art, and play cooperative games.


5 years - 6 years | Tuesdays & Thursdays

This class is a gentle, playful introduction to more formal academics. Children will practice forming letters and experiment with simple math concepts. Later on in the school year, children will be introduced to word families and the four math processes.


7 years - 9 years | Tuesdays & Thursdays

This class is an in depth study of nature, poetry, art, and all things beautiful. Children will study poems, consider works of art, observe and research the natural world, and set their hands to creating their very own works of beauty.