Goleta Union School District

@Afterschool Update - 2020-21

@Afterschool Update - July 31, 2020

With the determination that schools in Santa Barbara County will open remotely, @Afterschool child care will not be available to begin the school year. Please see a summary below of re-opening phases for child care services in GUSD (as outlined in detail in the GUSD COVID-19 Re-entry Plan).

  1. Childcare programming will initially focus on establishing safe, essential GUSD worker childcare necessary to support GUSD employees returning to work in order to reopen schools.
  2. The next phase of childcare reopening will prioritize the reopening of ASES programs at our Title I schools with greater than 50% students from low-income households. Enrollment will be limited to support social distancing measures and reduced staff to student ratios. Social distancing measures and reduced staff to student ratios will be implemented to support safety protocols.
  3. The full reopening of @Afterschool and ASES childcare programs will occur when safe practices and social distancing allow for the return to full days of school and the expansion of safety guidelines that recommend students may participate in multiple cohorts (school day & afterschool) with regular student to staff ratios;

● When the childcare programs reopen, the programs will operate outdoors in the

playfield area whenever possible;

● Children will be directed with activities that respect social-distancing norms and all

required safety protocols;

● Enrichment activities will be available through online asynchronous remote learning for

students until in-person after school programming becomes available.

The long-term goal of @Afterschool is to be able to offer services at 100% capacity, but please be advised that until schools are fully re-opened our services will either be closed or likely be very limited. Regular updates will be sent out to our @Afterschool families when new information is available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Ryan Sparre

Coordinator- @Afterschool

GUSD Mission

The mission of the Goleta Union School District is to maximize academic, intellectual, and personal growth in order for each student to prosper in, and positively influence, a diverse and dynamic world.

@Afterschool Program

The @Afterschool Program strives to support the GUSD mission by providing a safe, engaging and supportive environment for students. We believe that children benefit from self-directed and creative play, organized games and sports as well as arts and crafts. The purpose of @Afterschool is to provide families with high-quality care with an emphasis on wellness and socio-emotional learning. We emphasize that an environment in which everyone is “Safe-Respectful-Cooperative-Kind” supports our community.

Schools Served

Children must be enrolled in the school to take advantage of after school care services. After school care is currently offered at 8 district schools; Brandon, Ellwood, Foothill, Hollister, Isla Vista, Kellogg, La Patera, and Mt. View.


We maintain a staff to student ratio of approximately 1:15. Our caring staff consists of qualified child care providers, college students, and other experienced adults who genuinely enjoy working with children. All program employees are fingerprinted and trained in First Aid and CPR.


Healthy snacks are provided during the Kinder Bridge program and the @Afterschool program. Snacks are provided by the GUSD Food Services Department. In addition, your child may choose to finish their lunch or eat an alternative healthy snack at this time.

Site Based Enrichment Classes

Students may attend site-based enrichment classes and then attend the @Afterschool Program. At dismissal time, students must go directly to the enrichment class in which they are registered. At the completion of the enrichment class, students will go to the @Afterschool Program and sign in. Once signed in, students are considered in attendance at the @Afterschool Program and will only be dismissed to an adult listed as a contact in the Parent Portal in Sandbox. Site based enrichment programs are not part of @Afterschool services and are run by independent vendors.


Parents, guardians and approved adults must walk into the building and clock out their child. Once clocked out, a child may not return to @Afterschool that day. Children will not be released to anyone other than a parent, guardian, or person listed as a contact in the Parent Portal in Sandbox. The staff may require a photo identification of any person picking up a child from @Afterschool. Children will not be allowed to leave the @Afterschool Program unattended.

Emergencies and Safety Protocols

In the event of any emergency situation, we will use the Standard Response Protocol (K12) as adopted and implemented by GUSD. As circumstances dictate, staff will direct students to Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, or Shelter in Place. @Afterschool staff has been trained and will be in communication with the @Afterschool Coordinator and other GUSD Management Staff in the event of any emergency situation. Parents will be informed and kept up to date using district communication alert systems.