Goleta Union School District

The @Afterschool program strives to support the GUSD mission by providing a safe, engaging and supportive environment for students. The purpose of @Afterschool is to provide families with high-quality care with an emphasis on wellness and socioemotional learning.

Contact our office by emailing afterschool@goleta.k12.ca.us or calling 805-681-1200 Extension 226

Hours of Operation

  • Kinderbridge "bridges" the time between kinder dismissal and regular dismissal.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 1:30-3:00 p.m.
    • Thursday: 1:30-2:00
  • @Afterschool operates from dismissal (even on minimum days) until 5:30 each day.
  • There is a non-refundable registration fee of $40/family, paid via automatic debit.
  • Annual registration renewal is $20/family.
  • NOTE: Only adults listed as contacts for your child will be allowed to sign your child out.

Kinderbridge Fees

$120/month for up to 5 days/week care until 3:00 (2:00 Thursday)

Drop-in: $15/day with 24 hour notice pending availability (not available on minimum days)

Note: Kinders may also sign up for @Afterschool until 5:30 each day.

@Afterschool Fees

1 day/week= $100/mo.

2 days/week= $200/mo.

3 days/week= $250/mo.

4 days/week= $300/mo.

5 days/week= $325/mo.

Drop-in: $30/day with 24 hour notice pending availability for REGISTERED children only (not available on minimum days)


All fees are paid monthly, in advance via automatic debit.

Invoices are emailed on/around the 1st of the month, fees are automatically debited approx. 5 business days later.

Changes to enrollment must be made one week prior to the end of the month to be reflected in the subsequent month's bill.

There are no refunds for unused days or holidays.

September through May are equal monthly payments, there are no discounts for holidays and no additional fees for minimum days.

Accounts in arrears are subject to enrollment suspension pending payment.

Late Fees

Late fees are automatically incurred at pick-up time at the rate of $1/minute. Repeated late pickups are cause for dismissal from the program. In the case of an emergency, please email afterschool@goleta.k12.ca.us.


To request first time enrollment for this school year, please click the link for your school:

Returning families: please email afterschool@goleta.k12.ca.us to request renewal enrollment.

Note: Most programs are currently taking only waitlisted students. Every effort has been made to communicate registration dates and times to families. Current @Afterschool families were given two weeks' priority enrollment. We recognize the need for additional space in our programs and are working to address this need. Please do not make special requests for extenuating circumstances, we work hard to be fair in our enrollment practices and recognize all childrens' needs as equally important.


Brandon: Kinder Bridge (updated 10/1/18)

Ellwood: Program at capacity.

Foothill: Program at capacity .

Hollister: Program at capacity

Isla Vista: Program at capacity.

Kellogg: Program at capacity.

La Patera: Kinder Bridge (updated 10/1/18)

Mountain View: Program at capacity.

2018-19 @Afterschool Parent Handbook.doc

Parent Handbook ENGLISH

@Afterschool Parent Handbook17-18 SP.doc

Parent Handbook SPANISH