Uniform Policy

A disciplined learning environment is one of the primary requirements of a good martial arts school and adherence to the school’s prescribed uniform policy is one of first steps towards instilling discipline.

A martial arts exponent who is dressed in a neatly presented uniform reflects not only the pride they have as a member the martial arts organization but also of their own self-respect.

The uniform is designed to be a functional costume and its primary purpose is to provide complete freedom of mobility. Therefore, it should be fitted so as to be loose and not restrict movement.

Students must have a uniform before attempting their first grading.

The Golden Knights Martial Arts Group deems that the wearing of the correct uniform is an obligation of all its members.

  • “Home made” uniforms or are not permitted.
  • Belts can only be worn when a complete uniform is being worn.
  • Students attempting grading must be dressed in an official uniform.
  • Any visible under garment must be black i.e. children wearing a T-Shirt.
  • Students are not permitted to mix parts of their uniform with other clothing.


Students are encouraged to have their name and dojo embroidered on the back of their uniform by the time they attempt green belt and must have it done before attempting brown belt.

The student’s name is to be embroidered high on the back in a semi-circle fashion and should spread across the back approximately the distance between the armpits. The highest point of the name is approximately 4 cm down from the bottom of the collar. The letters need to be times roman capitals, white and 4cm in size.

The student’s dojo must be embroidered at the middle back; horizontal and approximately level with the lower letters of the student’s name. The letter style needs to be times roman capitals, red and 2.5cm in size.


A Golden Knights badge is considered to be part of the official uniform and is to be fixed to the right chest of the jacket, approximately 4cm from the lapel at breast pocket height.

A Dojo badge may be fixed to the left chest of the jacket, approximately 4cm from the lapel at breast pocket height.


For safety, cuffs of the sleeves must be hemmed no longer than the wrist. Sleeves maybe rolled up provided they are no higher than mid way between the wrist and elbow.


For safety, cuffs of the pants must be hemmed so they are approximately ankle height.