Camera Policy

Videoing and Photography Policy

Golden Knights Martial Arts & Kids Karate is conscious of concerns raised regarding the taking of video footage or still photographs at our events. Nevertheless we are also conscious that there are genuine and innocent reasons why this may happen, including the recording of family memories and recording of activities for instructional purposes.

In setting a policy with regard to the use of cameras during our events, competitions and training sessions, Golden Knights Martial Arts & Kids Karate has endeavoured to reach a fair and simple compromise between these competing needs.

The following policy shall apply to the use of cameras at all our activities and events.

A person is permitted to video and photograph activities and events involving minors provided that they are either:

a) related to a player involved, or

b) doing so for instructional purposes

If parents have concerns about people videoing or taking photographs of children at our activities and events, they should raise them with a senior instructor. If the person using a camera is then unable to convince the official that they fall into either of the above categories, they will be asked to discontinue taking photos/filming.

Any person aggrieved by that decision should raise the matter at the earliest opportunity during business hours with the Chief Instructor of the Golden Knights Martial Arts & Kids Karate.

No videoing or taking of photographs will be permitted under any circumstances in the toilets or changing areas of stadiums where Golden Knights Martial Arts & Kids Karate events or activities are being conducted.

Under no circumstances should video footage or photographs taken at a Golden Knights Martial Arts & Kids Karate event or activity be posted online or in any public forum without the permission of the parents of all featured minors appearing in the video or photograph first being obtained.