Golden Key is a student-led organisation on-campus. Each chapter has an elected executive committee of student members who have stepped up to develop the chapter's annual program, including career as well as community service events.

Some of the most important lessons from university are learned outside the classroom. Taking on responsibility as a Golden Key student leader helps foster valuable organisational, communication, and teamwork skills. Be part of a team that will stand out from other students as you make an impact on campus through events and initiatives that your group plans and implements.

The Leadership Training Program for executive committee members consists of three components:

The student chapter executive welcomes any participation from new members and is available for any information new members may require.

Learn more about Golden Key’s on campus initiatives relating to Academics, Leadership and Service.

The activities of the Swinburne Chapter of Golden Key are planned by a dedicated committee members. If you want to join the committee, please go to the get involved page.

GK Swinburne Committee 2017 (May 2017 to May 2018)

  • President: Justine Hall
  • Vice President: Kevin Tuyau
  • Treasurer: Carlo Sinay
  • Secretary: Liz Merritt
  • Webmaster: Kevin Tuyau
  • Social Officer: Meg Blackie
  • Newsletter Editor: Kevin Tuyau
  • Intellectual Engagement Officer: Pauline Csuba
  • Professional Development Officer: Batur Changez
  • General Committee Member: Sam Bhullar

GK Swinburne Committee 2016 (May 2016 to May 2017)

  • President: Kevin Tuyau
  • Vice President: Justine Hall
  • Treasurer: Kylie Goatley
  • Secretary: Liz Merritt
  • Webmaster: Gabriel George
  • Social Officer: Meg Blackie
  • Newsletter Editor: Janna Sim
  • Intellectual Engagement Officer: Pauline Csuba
  • General Committee Member: Craig Schultz
  • General Committee Member: Steven Mac