Mid Year Market Stall Day 2017

Mid-Year Market Stall Day at Fed Uni took place on the 2nd of August 2017. Market Stall Day involves different clubs, societies, and community organisations all coming together to provide further information, generate interest amongst students, and to encourage them to get more involved at university or in the wider community.

This year, the chapter committee set up a table to promote Golden Key and provide information to the university community. There was high level of interest shown, with around fifteen total inquiries.

The goal of our table was to provide information about Golden Key itself – specifically, what the Golden Key International Honour Society is and what we do; how to get involved; and how to join.

Of the fifteen people who visited the table, three left their details to be contacted about future committee meetings. This resulted in the committee finding a new Webmaster, a vital role that was waiting to be filled. On behalf of everyone, I would like to welcome Daniel Cooper to the Executive Committee.

The Golden Key table would not have been such a success without all of the time and effort put in by the Careers office at Fed Uni, our Chapter Advisor, and the committee members who either helped to plan our involvement, or volunteered at the table on the day.