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Since health literacy has emerged as a significant contributor to health outcomes, studies in T2DM health literacy have identified a patient’s print literacy as critical to successful disease management. Yet ninety million U.S. adults are either low literate or functionally illiterate; have few opportunities to receive the literacy instruction they need; and disproportionately experience health disparities. The investigative team will study the (1) feasibility for implementing the GogyUp Reader - an app that embeds just-in-time, personalized reading assistance within existing text materials - in clinics’ T2DM education programming and (2) the impact GogyUp’s personalized reading assistance has on increasing patients’ T2DM self-management knowledge.

This site will serve as a one-stop information resource for participating clinics in the GogyUp / University of MN T2DM Health Literacy study.

Questions? Comments? Contact Ned Zimmerman-Bence (GogyUp CEO and study Co-PI):

voice / SMS: 612-405-9671

email: info@gogyup.net

Anonymous feedback may also be left through this form: https://goo.gl/1cWcdY

March 14 Webinar on T2DM Study

Webinar: Improving T2DM Understanding Through Adult Literacy

GogyUp Inc, a startup improving adult literacy, and partners in the University of Minnesota Schools of Public Health and Internal Medicine are recruiting clinics to participate in 12-month health literacy study this fall. The investigative team will evaluate how GogyUp's free literacy application impacts patient understanding of type 2 diabetes self-management.

Ned Zimmerman-Bence, Co-PI, will hold a 30 minute webinar on March 14 at 12:00 PM CST to cover:

  • GogyUp, its Literacy Support System and why this study.
  • The study’s aims.
  • Study timeline.
  • Partnering clinic and clinician roles.

Register through this link: https://goo.gl/wB9LkK

Who should attend?

Clinic administrators, providers, health educators, and community leaders interested in introducing a new and freely available resource into their health literacy and print literacy programming.

In the meantime, questions are encouraged. Contact Ned Zimmerman-Bence: ned.zb@gogyup.net or 651-402-9780

About the Study:

The 12 month study's primary aim is to determine whether patients using GogyUp's free literacy application with existing health education materials increases their understanding, ability to communicate, and adherence to type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment. GogyUp has partnered with a clinician/researchers at University of Minnesota’s Schools of Public Health and Internal Medicine to design and evaluate the study.

To compensate for any disruption to your clinic's operation, GogyUp would be able to directly reimburse your clinic for staff time, supplies, etc. GogyUp and its partners understand the disruption even a minor time demand may cause. The clinic's role would be kept to a minimum and would include:

  1. Informing your medical staff about the study’s aims.
  2. Share the study with patients with Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Coordinate with GogyUp's researcher assistants for participant enrollment.
  4. Provide space for recruitment, enrollment and on boarding.
  5. Provide printed materials to be included in the study.
  6. Facilitate any additional collaboration between your clinic and GogyUp staff as needed for the study.
  7. Timely invoice staff and materials costs to GogyUp.

Pending funding, the study will begin September 2019.

About GogyUp:

GogyUp was founded to expand opportunities for adults with low literacy to receive just-in-time reading assistance for documents that were previously inaccessible while providing longer term instruction to develop proficient reading. The GogyUp Literacy Support System:

  1. Applies an instructional framework (sound-letter, vocabulary, comprehension) to any text (employee manual, health pamphlet, etc.).
  2. Sends that text out to most mobile device (Android or Apple) as well as the Web for adults to receive just-in-time reading assistance.
  3. If patients opt-in, clinics can receive data back to assess how well a patient or groups of patients are learning the material.

This 60-second video describes how the platform works (in a workforce context): bit.ly/whygogy

Webinar / Zoom Login: https://zoom.us/j/2434366899

GogyUp Reader Download Links

Patient Onboarding Resources

Student Walkthrough - 022219 - ES.pdf

U.S. Letter, PDF, Color, Spanish


Student Walkthrough - 022119 - ES - B&W.pdf

U.S. Letter, PDF, B&W, Spanish


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