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All families can pick up their NEW Car Tag from 11:00-1:00 on Sept. 1st and 2nd.

You can drive by the front of the school and present your driver's license to pick up your new car tag. We will verify you are the guardians listed in Infinite Campus before giving you your tags.

A few reminders:

1) whoever picks up a child in the car rider line (even and especially on the first day of school) must have the new yellow tag. These tags verify that the person picking up the child either is or has permission from the parent/guardian to pick up the child this school year.

2) if you come through the car rider line without the new tag, you will have to pull into the parking lot and go to the front office to pick up your child.

3) the person picking up the tag on Tuesday or Wednesday has to be the parent/guardian. (You must present a driver's license/military ID and we will verify guardianship in Infinite Campus.)

4) there are new procedures for afternoon car riders this year due to Covid-19. We will give a printed copy of these procedures to parents/guardians as they pick up tags next week.

ELL (Mrs. Crosby)

If your child see Mrs. Crosby during the school day, please click on the picture on the left to access her Google Site.