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Ms. Kayla Moore, Science Teacher

Valdosta High School

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Welcome parents, guardians, and students!

As a Google for Education school, your child has access to a plethora of Google products including Google classroom. This allows them to view the class calendar to see assignment due dates, participate in online discussions, and even turn in their homework . This site will help you stay informed with your child's activities in my classroom, and it provides you with an easy way to communicate with me throughout the school year.

During the 2018-2019 school year, I will be teaching the following courses:

Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry - This course is designed to introduce the student to general chemical principles and to provide appropriate laboratory experiences to supplement these principles. Subjects covered in this class include the history of chemistry, scientific methods, measurement techniques, chemical nomenclature, atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, phases of matter, acids and bases, and organic chemistry. This is a rigorous course intended for those who plan on a career in scienceā€related fields. Skills gained in this course will help prepare students to enter college science and engineering programs.

Honors Physical Science - This course promotes science process skills through the study of properties of matter, atomic theory, chemical symbols, stoichiometry, periodic table use, organic chemistry, forces, motion, energy, mechanics, waves and energy transfer, electricity and magnetism. In addition to science process skills, it also emphasizes reference skills, research skills and laboratory safety. (Note: An end-of-course test is required for this course.)

You will find the classroom pages for each of these at the top of my website, or you can scroll to my class schedule at the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate class period. You will find Google classroom and Remind login information, classroom calendar with assignments, and any other pertinent documents or information provided throughout the year. I look forward to a wonderful school year with you!


Remind is a system where teachers can send and receive messages securely between parents and students without having to exchange phone numbers. Remind can be used via e-mail, text message, or through an app available on both the Google Play and Apple Store. To sign up and start receiving messages:

Text Message: Mobile App:

Text a new message to 81010 with your Log in using your mobile number and click join a class. Enter

class code below (you must include the @ the class code found below (@ not necessary).

symbol with your class code).

Chemistry (Periods 1, 2, and 3): @kmvhschem

Honors Chemistry (Period 4): @kmvhshchem

Honors Physical Science (Periods 6 and 7): @kmvhshonps

Advisement (11th Grade): @kmvhsadv

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Ms. Moore's Class Schedule (2018-19)

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