Talent Development

VCS Elementary Talent Development Program offers additional instructional services to high potential learners. High potential learners are those students who represent the top quartile of the entire student population. This services allows the classroom teacher and Talent Development teacher to work together to increase students' opportunities for higher level instruction throughout the school day. The Gifted Education teacher will serve as the Talent Development teacher at Pinevale Elementary School. Even though both services are being taught by the same teacher, the VCS Talent Development Program is not Gifted. It will increase your child's exposure to advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills.

High Potential Procedures

  • Principal recommendations, teacher input, assessment data, and test data will be utilized to determine participation.
  • Priority levels are established for identifying high potential students; qualifying scores must be no more than two years old.
  • Parents are notified of their child’s eligibility for Talent Development.
  • Placement is data driven and should include, but is not limited to, system standardized data, normed data, student grades, informal assessments, teacher referrals, student work samples, etc.
  • Placement may change during the semester transitions and is limited to the current school year.

Any questions regarding the Talent Development Program, please contact Mrs. Kayla Brown.

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