Mrs. Siemens

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My belief is that all students have a place at "the table of education." In my classroom, there is a standing invitation, options to choose from on your personal menu, and a place for everyone. Every student voice is important and should have an opportunity to be heard.

For my parents/Guardians:

I encourage you to be involved, have a seat at the table, and be a part of what we're doing in the classroom. I value good communication and find it a privilege to take care of your most prized possession in my classroom every day. I consider parent-teacher relationships to be one of trust and always under the assumption that we're in this together for the best outcome for your student.


I will be your biggest cheerleader, your toughest coach, maybe even a 2nd Momma for some of you. We will have good days and hard days - but my goal is for you to be successful inside my classroom and outside of my classroom. We are in this together and I am always for you.