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And the Shoutout goes to...

Mrs. Wathall

for being kind,sweet,and fun!

Mrs. Ledkins

This has been the best year for my son. She is always helping and keeping parents involved. We are missing you on maternity leave. Congrats on your new blessing.


She is an awesome math teacher that taught me the most first i didn't even know dividing now I'm am good at it because of you i will miss you next year.

Mrs. Bell

Awesome Bus Driver Loves Elementary Make Sures Everyone Steps Off With A Smile On There Face She Brings Me Joy

Rita Gray

Being a team player. No matter your position at BJHS, she makes it a point to make you feel like included. She puts students first. She is a great counselor, and I hope she has had an awesome week!

Mrs. Lee

Always being there for us. We miss you at CIS.

Mrs. Hall

because she is nice and sweet

Mrs. McCarter

supporting her staff as well as the students in every aspect.

Mr. Beasley

Mr. Beasley is an outstanding Assistant Principal at BES!! He has a dedicated spirit to the students and teachers on campus.

Mrs. McCarter

Being an AWESOME Principle on BES Campus!!

Mrs. Hall

she is funny and suportive with out her i wont be happy p.s thanks mrs hall!

Dianna Kuhns

She does an outstanding job serving as the attendance clerk at BJHS. She has that campus in tip top shape.


Being the best vice principal ever. You are the best because you take us outside for extra recess. You give me a hug every day I see you. That's why your the best vice principal.


Because she is nice to me and she helps me with my work.


Being so nice to me and she's funny.

Mrs. Morris

She loves all of her students so sincerely. She is a blessing to work with and such a motivator. You can tell she truly LOVES what she does!

Ms. Parks

being such a nice teacher and helping me when i need help thank you ms parks

Mrs. Moog

being such a great math teacher and giving the help that i need and every body knows her 7th period is her fav...

Mrs. scott

being the best texas history teacher ever even when its not the best day for that i thank you and we all know your 4th period is your fav

Miss Barrett

She has done an amazing job at CES. She brings such a fun spirit to the campus and makes sure her staff are heard. She has been such a welcomed change at CES.

Key Duke

He has dedicated his time and service to Brownsboro ISD. He is one the most unselfish men I know. Thank you

Emily Epperson

Always goes above and beyond. So grateful for caring nurses like her.

Ms. Powell

She develops bonds with students who are not even in her kindergarten classroom. She is so fun & loving. BES is lucky to have her.

Jenny Irwin

Being so helpful in the library when I was in need of a book from another campus! It arrived fast! Thanks

Mrs. Melton

She goes above and beyond for my students without hesitation. She has such a big, understanding, and caring heart. We love her! She’s the best!

Mrs. Laura Ballard

Mrs. Ballard is the backbone behind BIS. She goes above and beyond to be supportive for all the teachers, staff, and students on our campus. Thanks Mrs. Ballard for always having an open door policy and supporting us in all we do.


He is just an overall great man. He is very involved in the students lives. He tries to understand why they do what they do and makes each and every student a better person.


helping me when im angry -jimmie s vineyard jr.

Mrs. Hall

she has been very supportive for our school .Without her I wouldn't know what to do.Ms.halls way of learning is sensational it helps all of us with our learning

Mrs. Hall

because she is very funny and supportive we love you mrs.hall

Mr. Cox

Mr. Cox was the best 5th grade math teacher!!! He was always trying to help us 6th graders out. Even though he would scream at us.[lol] He was an amazing teacher!!!! I wish I had him this year 2. I'm sure BIS is very lucky to have him working at our campus. :)

Mrs. V

Mrs. V you were my favorite teacher in 4th grade!!! you were amazing and always going above and beyond to help our now 6th graders ;) Anyways I wish u were a 6th grade teacher :( I'm sure BIS is very glad to have u as a 4th grade teacher working on our campus

Mrs. Helms

she is a great teacher - heather shiplett

Jessica Kindley

She has the best attitude! And, have you had the food her 31 East culinary students prepare?! Delicious every time!

KC Melton

Thank you for your HARD work and your willingness to do whatever we ask of you... Our campus is a nicer, safer and more beautiful place because of you!!

Mrs. Siemens

Love working with her! Such an inspirational coach & teacher! Seriously, she's the best of the best! I'm jealous of the students who get to take her class. She's changing lives, not just her students, but her co-workers as well!

JoAnn Ellis

JoAnn is an awesome teacher! She loves what she does and cherishes her students! She is a wonderful mentor and I have learned many things from being in her classroom. I hope to one day become a teacher like her and excel in teaching like she does everyday!

Emily Nix Cawthon

She has done an amazing job with the drill team this year! Her attitude is contagious and she's always smiling. We're so glad you're a part of BHS!

Chief Wilhelm

I appreciate his presence on campus and the positive changes he has made. Thanks for your efforts, Chief!

Mr. Daily

Mr. Daily is such an inspiration and a joy to work with! CES is the place to be..especially with an AWESOME principal like him!!!

Destiny Pottorf

Thank you so much for caring about the kids at BHS! You're a true gift to those kids and you make a difference everyday!

Vanessa Bailey (Hendricks)

Goes above and beyond all measures for her students!

Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker is an outstanding teacher!!! He's always soo nice. He is always trying to help kids get their grades up. OMG he is the best 6th grade science teacher ever!! I'm sure BISD is very lucky to have him helping our school. :)

Mrs. Pew

She is amazing and she is always making sure all of her students are doing well in school and she is very nice to talk to

Mrs. Jarnagin

She is a great teacher and role model. She is very creative in her teaching and loves to see that "light bulb" come on when the students grasp a new concept. Mrs. Jarnagin is loads of fun!!!

Mrs. Hall

Becuse she is very very nice

Mrs. Adair

Mrs. Adair is a prime example of what you want your child's teacher to be. She is caring and compassionate and she is always willing to go above and beyond to teach her students and give them any EXTRA help or tutoring they may need to learn a subject.. CES 3rd Grade is blessed to have such a caring and determined teacher on their staff!

Mrs. Hall

She is the best teacher ever!

Mrs. Hall

She is a very smart teacher and she is the best to have around.

Mrs. Jackson

She is a very good teacher and good with kids

Mrs. Hawkins

She is one of my favorite teacher in 6th grade Because I love how she thinks and teaches 6th graders. Thanks for teaching us Mrs.Hawkins.

Vanessa Bailey

She is the best theatre teacher there is. She is honestly a very great person who truly inspires every kid to do their best and reach for their goal. She is very great with directing amazing shows. One of my personal favorites is "Eurydice". it was honestly one of my most favorite shows ever and it so amazing to see her put on an amazing performance. She's the best!

Mrs. Vanessa Bailey

She is an astounding theatre teacher! She has directed fantastic shows over the years, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! You can’t help but smile when she walks into the room!!! SHE IS JUST TRULY AMAZING!!! HOLLA!!!

Coach McGill and Coach Caton

Both coaches run our INL detention lunch well and efficiently. They are helping students be accountable for their work and do it with care! In addition, they are both excellent coaches on and off the field. I continue to hear positive words spoken about them and how they treat our athletes. A big thank you to both for their excellent leadership and positive morale they have brought to BHS.

The Entire Facuty and Staff at BJHS

BJHS is not only an amazing place to send your students to get a first-rate education, it is also a top-notch campus for its employees. From administrators and teachers to the facilities crew, everyone is positive and the environment is unbeatable.

Mrs. Linda Padgett

Always willing to step in and do what she has to to help our kids.


She is a good teacher and a nice person in general

Miss Parker

Hands down exactly what my child needed in a kindergarten teacher! We are so thankful that Miss Parker is in our lives. Her big smile and huge heart make all the students in her class feel so loved. She is full of energy and always puts a fun spin on learning. SHE IS THE BEST! CES is blessed to have her!

Holly Wilhelm, SLP

Holly manages a large caseload over both elementary campuses and does so with extreme class. She is always helpful to those she works with and is a great communicator with parents. THANKFUL TO WORK WITH HER!

Mrs. Sexton

She does an awesome job in our front office. She has made it through the first 9 weeks as CES new secretary and we couldn't be happier! Serves us all with a smile!

Mrs. Moog

She is just an amazing teacher. Mrs. Moog is one of the best math teachers I've ever had. She is very understanding, and not funny...........she's HILARIOUS. I would never ask for a better teacher. I love you Mrs. Moog!

Mrs. Pearson

Always having a smile, lifting up students, pushing them to do their best, great communication with parents. My child loves going to school everyday to see her!

Mrs. Grubbs

No matter what goes on in her day she is always there with a smile on her face ready to help. She makes my day with her positive attitude!

Melanie Mekalip

Our daughter raves about her teacher and how great she is. She is a constant encourager and supporter -- it's exactly what our little one needed this year! Thank you SO much! You've made a difference!







Joann Ellis

Talk about an AMAZING teacher! Seriously, Barbara loves each of her kids and has a true passion for what she does. Not only is she an amazing teacher, she’s an amazing mentor and coworker.

Cathy Carver

Cathy loves her job and students! You can see her happiness with the beautiful smile on her face. She teaches each student she comes into contact with to reach for the stars!

Theresa Womack

Wonderful teacher with a positive attitude. She's always ready to help a student or coworker and speaks to everyone she sees. She's an asset to the school and dedicated to the betterment of her students.

Mr. Jones

Providing the BHS staff with thoughtful "extras" (like school shirts, lunches, etc) to promote positive morale

Paula Phillips

Mrs. Phillips is an amazing teacher and does outstanding work with her 3rd graders at CES.

Mrs. Carter

Because she's nice funny cool and the best


Best 6th grade sciences teacher ever.

Mr. Cox's

Best 5th grade Math teacher ever.☺☺😊😊😊😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😁😁😁😁😁😁😁☺☺

Mrs. Cawthon - 2nd grade

Mrs. Cawthon is an amazing teacher. She has made learning fun. Every week I hear of something fun she is doing in the classroom! She has gone above and beyond to install a love for learning within my child!

Mrs. Childers

You never see Mrs. Childers without a smile. She shows so much love and respect for our kids!

Lisa Brown CIS Principal

The depth of her commitment and love that she so openly gives to the families and students of CIS far out reaches any I have ever witnessed in BISD. Her calm voice in a time of crisis, her love of her staff to encourage daily that each one strive to be the best. She is a shining example of a mother, daughter, principal, and friend.

Mrs. Mayfield

always going above and beyond for her fellow co-workers. I truly am amazed about how gracefully she handles every situation and takes great care of the staff! It does not go unnoticed!!

Sherry Fuller

Exemplary work with our students at BHS preparing them for life after high school through the CTE program! Your passion exudes onto our students and helps them to be successful in their endeavors!!!

Vanessa Bailey

Being an outstanding theatre teacher and always putting so much effort into everything she does!! I’ve never had such a kind teacher I look forward to seeing everyday!

Mr Russell!

Being the best Band director there is and never giving up on making us the best we can be!!

Ms Corley

She always is so nicely dressed and such an outstanding teacher!!

Mrs. Mcghee

You are a great teacher. Whom is very patient with my Grand son. You are the best..

Mrs. Carter

Going above and beyond. To support and help others. While still doing her job in Ppcd. Your the BESt

Mrs. Ham

ALWAYS teaching students and taking advantage of every second she has with them. For Mrs. Ham there is no "down time"; every moment is a teachable moment. So thankful my child had her as their first teacher!

Mrs. Mcghee. 1st grade

Thank you..Thank you.. For being Alex's teacher. You are the Best!

Alma Hagan

She always has a smile on her face and is so loving and caring to everyone around. She is a great person and I am very lucky to be able to call her my friend!

Mandy Grubbs

Always willing to help those who come through the front office and is always very professional.

Mrs. Kelm

Always giving giving 110% in everything she does...including assisting BHS provide high quality instruction for students

Marianne Jones

Displaying a professional demeanor and setting a great example for students in the proper way to communicate with others

Sandra Duke

Having a an exemplary work ethic and having a heart that committed to helping students with special needs.

Ashley Frantz

Introducing students with special needs to technology that can change their lives for the better and help them achieve educational goals

Kim Parker

For being so supportive of her coworkers, sharing knowledge and assisting new personnel

Alma Hagan

Always being such a positive influence and brightening the day of those around her....a true teamplayer.

Mr J. Boyd

Having such an interactive classroom---makes book work and knowledge retention activities fun for students.

The cafeteria staff and the new food service director

Trying out a new food program this year, the food is great and the variety of options is appreciated.


For always being there for me and and really making a huge impact in my life


He is just an overall great teacher.

Mrs. Howard K

This 3rd grade teacher works so hard everyday and I never see her without a smile on her face. She works so hard in her classroom to accommodate with all of her students.

Mr. Lytle

He is a high school english teacher. He makes class fun to be in while teaching his students. Just want to give a big shoutout to him.

Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Baker gets to school early and stays late to make sure that the students with math questions always have help. Her dedication is impressive and has contributed greatly to my success in math!

Ms. Latis

Ms. Latis is great at explaining our Biology lessons and is always willing to help.

Lisa Swanson

Having such a passion for helping students with speech impairments, being dedicated to working so many hours each week since the early 2000's for BISD

Mrs. Mayfield

Putting together so many events and activities for BISD staff and students, with each one being stellar!

Key Duke

Being a great Operations Director, Key goes above and beyond and will do whatever it takes to get a job completed.