Mr. T's Art Class

Hello! I'm Mr. T and I'd like to share some of the art work and ideas we have been learning about this year at Edison Elementary! On this site you will find some highlighted projects, but be sure to visit our art show in May to see many more things we have done!

Very Hungry Caterpillar: we used cutting, gluing, and coloring skills to make caterpillars just like author/illustrator Eric Carle!

Rainbow Fish: we used a scale pattern with watercolor paint, cutting, gluing, and more to make a fish with many colorful scales.

Insects: we learned about the 3 parts of an insect: the head, thorax, and abdomen. We drew a huge insect with sharpie and painted it bright colors!

Flee Market Flip: we decided what kind of furniture we would like to redesign and then chose cool colors and added other fun items.

Fun Facts!

The art room at Edison sees over 450 students each week!

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the yearly art show.

There are continually updated displays of student art in the halls all year.

Art was one of the original events in the modern Olympics.

The first pencil was invented in England in 1565.

Drawing develops hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness- abilities that engineers and architects use.

Art teaches kids to imagine more possibilities.