International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2021)

First International Workshop on

Adaptive Cyber Defense

Workshop Details

About the ACD Workshop

The 1st International Workshop on Adaptive Cyber Defense is held as part of the 2021 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. This workshop was organized to share research that explores unique applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as foundational capabilities for the pursuit of adaptive cyber defense. The cyber domain cannot currently be reliably and effectively defended without extensive reliance on human experts. Skilled cyber defenders are in short supply and often cannot respond fast enough to cyber threats.

Building on recent advances in AI and ML the Cyber defense research community has been motivated to develop new dynamic and sustainable defenses through the adoption of AI and ML techniques to cyber settings. Bridging critical gaps between AI and Cyber researchers and practitioners can accelerate efforts to create semi-autonomous cyber defenses that can learn to recognize and respond to cyber attacks or discover and mitigate weaknesses in cooperation with other cyber operation systems and human experts. Furthermore, these defenses are expected to be adaptive and able to evolve over time to thwart changes in attacker behavior, changes in the system health and readiness, and natural shifts in user behavior over time.

The Workshop, to be held on August 19th and 20th 2021 in Montreal-themed virtual reality is comprised of technical presentations and a panel discussion focused on open problems and potential research solutions. Workshop submissions were peer reviewed by a panel of domain experts with a proceedings consisting of 10 technical articles exploring challenging problems of critical importance to national and global security. Our hope is that this workshop creates new opportunities to stimulate research and innovation in the emerging domain of adaptive and autonomous cyber defense.

The primary objective of the workshop is to bring together both the research community and the government and industry communities to exchange experiences, discuss challenges and propose new research in adaptive and autonomous cyber defense. The workshop will consist of both technical presentations and research discussions:

  • Technical presentations: invited and accepted paper speakers will share their thoughts and experience on adaptive cyber defense.

  • Academic-Industry-Government research discussions: top researchers in the area from academic, industry and government will discuss the current and future challenges in this area.

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