Cyber Shorelines

Petition to start a Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Cyber Technical Group

Our team is launching a petition to start a cyber-focused technical group as part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society that will focus on all things human in cyberspace operations and security (Robert Gutzwiller, Josiah Dykstra, Kimberly Ferguson-Walter, Sunny Fugate, Dave Schuster, Megan Nyre-Yu). Signing has no commitment or membership required, it just indicates your support for creating the group.

Check it out here! HFES Cyber Technical Group Petition

Submission deadline for 2019 TBD

Submission of an 1-2 page abstract or topic proposal is required for registration and attendance.

2019 Dates TBD

In association with the Naval Applications of Machine Learning Workshop,

Please join us for an exploration of the use of deception to protect safety and privacy and how we might simultaneously protect autonomous systems from being deceived.

2019 Venue TBD

Workshop is being organized by technical staff at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific.

Participation is open to all interested parties.

2019 Workshop Topics (TBD)

Workshop topics will be announce in Feb/March 2019